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Audio and Conversational French

French audio, travel guide, conversational vocab

Collection Content

  • World Nomads:Learn the Lingo French Language Guide
    greetings, conversational vocab
  • Civilisation Française
    Civilisation Française (Presentation)
    Contains articles about french culture, like parties and religion, which are made up of audio files of native speakers... More
  • TV5: La francophonie en images
    This is my favorite site featured on MERLOT. It has audio and video of so many French personalities, from arts,... More
  • Vive Voix
    Vive Voix (Collection)
    not great exercise for grammar or vocab, but it is good practice for listening exercises
  • Ashcombe: French Video Resources
    this is a really great site focusing on vocabulary, but i put it in my collection of listening exercises because all... More
  • Test de Français langue étrangère et seconde
    this is a little intensive for casual practice, but is great for figuring out where you are in your french studies, and... More