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Information for the Language-Arts

What can I use for my English classrooms? I want this collection to be a summation of "cool" material I will want to use with my students!

Collection Content

  • Read-Write-Think
    Read-Write-Think (Learning Object Repository)
    Many interactive tools, worksheets, and lesson plans.
  • EDSITEment
    EDSITEment (Collection)
    Had to add it after I saw the lesson on fables and "trickster" tales - how tales have changed over time with oral... More
  • Exploring English
    Exploring English (Reference Material)
    Review says for ELL's but could easily be used for supplement in grammar lessons.
  • Academic English Exercises
    Self tests and tutorials on writing.
  • English  Banana
    English Banana (Collection)
    Not so sure about this one...but, potential for good worksheets and online downloadable books.