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Resources for research/presentations on France and the Francophone world. "Virtual" tours of cities and regions.

Collection Content

  • Voyage Virtuel
    Voyage Virtuel (Reference Material)
    Regions/cities of France. Includes famous products of the areas as well as monuments and tourist information. Note to... More
  • France Voyage - Travel Guide to France
    Clickable database of regions of France and the DOM/TOM. Includes short description, list of cities with links for more... More
  • Voyage Francophone
    Voyage Francophone (Quiz/Test)
    Advanced quizzes on francophonie, not linked to lessons. Use primarily to find aspects of francophone culture/life for... More
  • Visite à Paris
    Visite à Paris (Drill and Practice)
    Interactive quizzes on the monuments, métro, museums, everything Paris. The author is a French professor and created... More
  • Venez Voir Le Senegal
    Venez Voir Le Senegal (Collection)
    Six video clips-- five narrated in French of Dakar and Senegal. Texts are provided but are not complete. The sixth video... More
  • Atlas francophone: Les Etats en chiffres
    Factbook of the world in French. General facts, life, population, resources, economy, languages. Great for research.