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Education Resources

I nifty reference point for articles and videos on successfully running band and choir rehearsals. There is also a large amount of information that would be helpful in filling in memory gaps from methods courses.

Collection Content

  • Texas School Music Project
  • DSO Kids
    DSO Kids (Animation)
    A great resource for educational music games.
  • Music Theory and History Online
    A great resource for learning basic music theory and history. Could be used for reading assignments for students.
  • Music Theory Drills
    Music Theory Drills (Drill and Practice)
    Contains some valuable games. Especially for string players. There are games where you match the fingerings up with the... More
  • Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
    A good resource for games that teach about orchestra's and Carnegie Hall.
  • Snare drum rudiments
    Snare drum rudiments (Reference Material)
    Cool site that has free sheet music for snare drum rudiments.