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Spanish Grammar & Language Structure

Resources specifically tailored for teaching grammar and language structure.

Collection Content

  • OrtografĂ­a
    OrtografĂ­a (Tutorial)
    This site is an excellent resource for the rules of spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and the use of accent marks.
  • Spanish Grammar Exercises
    Spanish Grammar Exercises (Drill and Practice)
    A significant collection of Spanish grammar exercises, including prepositions, pronouns, verb forms and verb usage.
  • Spanish Language Exercises
    Spanish Language Exercises (Drill and Practice)
    Online grammar language exercises. Includes Instructor-Check and Self-Check Exercises.
  • Verbix--Verb Conjugations & Grammar
    Online Verb Conjugator.
  • No Comprendo - Learn Spanish Online
    "Resources" section with downloadable lessons on verbs, adjectives, pronouns, nouns, etc.