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A collection of resources to use with students or materials to develop lesson ideas.


Collection Content

  • Music K-8
    Music K-8 (Collection)
    Excellent website for elementary music educators and music education students interested in finding ideas for the... More
  • DSO Kids
    DSO Kids (Animation)
    Games that young music students can enjoy that way they don't have to just sing in class but can get hands on learning... More
  • Reading Music
    Reading Music (Tutorial)
    It is a book for students on how to read music. It has chapters and outlines
  • I Learn Music
    I Learn Music (Collection)
    It contains lesson plans and lesson planning ideas for teachers and activities for students
  • Texas School Music Project
    Contains articles and techniques for teachers to read and put into play when teaching.
  • (Reference Material)
    a website that has interactive ideas and sources for teachers to use with their students.
  • Connexions
    Connexions (Collection)
    A site to view and share educational material made of small knowledge chunks called modules that can be organized as... More
  • Musipedia
    Musipedia (Collection)
    This online music encyclopedia lets you search through approximately 30,000 melodies and tunes to help you determine the... More
  • The Museum of Musical Instruments
    The Museum of Musical Instruments (Reference Material)
    contains a plethora of musical instruemts