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Writing LOs

Writing LOs

Collection Content

  • Topic Development
    Topic Development (Tutorial)
    Narrated slide show
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing
    Has quizzes w/ free response forms.
  • King's Letter from Birmingham Jail:  a Rhetorical Analysis
    Word doc w/ color highlighting to demo rhetorical analysis.
  • Tutorial: Independent and Dependent Clauses
    Interactive, self-guided tutorial w/ feedback.
  • Comma Use StAIR (Stand Alone Instructional Resource)
    Interactive quiz w/ feedback, but set-up forces you to try to memorize all 15 or so rules at once or do a lot of back... More
  • Thesis Builder & Online Outliner
    Thesis Builder & Online Outliner (Drill and Practice)
    Form generates thesis statement.
  • Online Writing Lab
    Online Writing Lab (Simulation)
    Has sentence combining exercise. Pages on techniques for reading.
  • Writing@CSU
    Writing@CSU (Drill and Practice)
    Has lots of small sections for steps in the writing process; has worksheets. Requires log-in.
  • Arguments
    Arguments (Tutorial)
    Not interactive, but has worksheets that might be made into LOs.
  • PATH: Lighting Your Way From Research to Writing
    15 interactive modules on academic research. Includes diagnostic quiz. Geared towards UNC students but could be wrapped.