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FLES: Materials for young learners

Printouts and activities for young learners

Collection Content

  • FSL Activities with M. Renaud
    Worksheets, music for sing-alongs and games in French
  • Mis Cositas
    Mis Cositas (Collection)
    Materials for Spanish, English and French.
  • Lire et Récréer
    Lire et Récréer (Collection)
    Incredible number of comptines, folk songs and stories with beautiful animation and graphics. A labor of love.
  • Le Génie du manguier
    Le Génie du manguier (Animation)
    A short story with a Francophone theme.
  • Chez Louisette
    Chez Louisette (Animation)
    Animations with Louisette. Géographie, la rentrée, etc. Very nicely designed in Flash.
  • Comptines, Chansons et Poésie
    Great collection of songs, rhymes and activities
  • Chez Mimi
    Chez Mimi (Drill and Practice)
    Games for French