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Statistics Teaching 1

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  • Hypothesis Test for a Mean
    Inferential stats, one-sample various examples (randomised) very few psychology Part of Java applet fails to print in... More
  • Confidence Interval for a Mean
    Part of Applet fais to show on screen (Firefox 3)
  • Guessing Correlations
    Guessing Correlations (Simulation)
    Presents 4 scatterplots, task is multiple choice (match 4 correlations to plot).
  • Maximum Likelihood
    Maximum Likelihood (Simulation)
    Tutorial, no useful demos
  • Simulating Confidence Intervals
    Simulation of how a sample CI may "cover" the mean (like howell's graph)
  • One-way ANOVA Demonstration
    Tutorial with calculation only, no visualisation
  • StatCrunch
    StatCrunch (Simulation)
    web based data Analysis sofware
  • Histogram Explorer
    Histogram Explorer (Simulation)
    Can be used to demo central tendency values (Mean and Median) Graphical visualisation
  • Dotplot Summaries
    Dotplot Summaries (Simulation)
    Concept MEAN Dot-based histogram Gets user to guess mean of sample. Graph-based interactive demo
  • What Makes Kids Popular
    What Makes Kids Popular (Reference Material)
    Useless Just a datafile for analysis: suggests work out mean etc.
  • Measures of Central Tendency & Outliers
    Powerpoint demonstration of Mean andMEdian, effect of Outliers
  • Descriptive Statistics
    Descriptive Statistics (Collection)
    Applet calculate mean etc from user-provided data. No explanation or tutorial
  • Revising the Mean and the Variance
    Useless. Calculates pooled mean and variance from supplied data, no explanation
  • Quantitative Data Activity
    Quantitative Data Activity (Drill and Practice)
    Useless Activity Notes, for teacher
  • Sampling Distributions
    Sampling Distributions (Simulation)
    Really a simulation of the Central Limit Theorem Good
  • Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics
    Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics (Open (Access) Textbook)
    The Rice collection of material
  • Rice Virtual Lab Award Winner Video
    Rice Virtual Lab Award Winner Video (Workshop and Training Material)
    Just an advert for the Rice collection of simulations
  • Probability Plotter / Calculator
    a calculator that plot distributions if the parameters are provided, and p values in it
  • Probability/Statistics Object Library
    A collection of applet "experiments" quite complicated, look here"
  • MultiVariate Sampling Statistics
    E-Labs collection of computing: computes statistics from provided data, no simulation
  • Reese's Pieces Samples
    Reese's Pieces Samples (Simulation)
    some kind of probabilty sampler (categorical)
  • The STAT-ATTIC Website: A Database of Statistics Applets for Introductory Courses
    A big collection, useful summaries
  • Rossman/Chance Applet Collection (Statistics/Probability)
    Useful collection of applets
  • Test for Randomness
    Test for Randomness (Collection)
    E-labs group of calculators: randomness test
  • Hyperstat Online Statistics Textbook
    Hyperstat, word and equation set of statistics descriptions
  • Principles of Business Statistics
    Principles of Business Statistics (Open (Access) Textbook)
    Equation and text based text book online
  • Essentials of Probability and Statistical Inference IV: Algorithmic and NonParametic Approaches
    John Hopkins "Open Courseware" just some crap lecture notes
  • Statgraphics Online
    Statgraphics Online (Collection)
    Web based statistical analysis package
  • Seeing Statistics
    Seeing Statistics (Animation)
    Excellent online text book with good use of demonstrations and activities
  • Math Warehouse
    Math Warehouse (Collection)
    Written definition with algebric calculation. Has link to commercial site
  • Ancillary Materials for Psychology Research Methods and Data Analysis I
  • Introduction to Statistics in the Psychological Sciences