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Impro- Visor

An improvisational program that is designed to work on Jazz related improvisation in within the context if standard solos (or solos by the greats of the art form). Features of this program include the ability to import, export and manipulate lead sheets, transcription capabilities, multi-style functions, and the ability to save licks rather than a complete solo for use in other standards. A major negatives seem to be that the tutorials and the web page that the program is from, are quote disorganized and overwhelming (because the information is ALL in front of you). It becomes difficult at times to sort out what is a feature of the program is and what the designer says you can do with it. However, overall this program seems to be worth because it is a free alternative to Band in a Box, it's relatively user friendly, you have the ability to save whole or pieces of a melody, and any student past junior high or middle school would be able to use get something out of this program. Good resource for the standard of the Jazz music.