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Organic Chemistry Learning Materials

These are useful materials for topics covered in organic chemistry lecture.


Collection Content

  • WebSpectra
    WebSpectra (Drill and Practice)
    This is a good source of practice problems featuring 1H NMR, 13C NMR, and IR. The difficulty of the problems range from... More
  • Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry
    Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry (Open (Access) Textbook)
    A source of detailed information on structure, reactivity, and functional group chemistry all in one place.
  • Organic Chemistry Portal
    Organic Chemistry Portal (Reference Material)
    This is a web site covering organic chemistry name reactions, a searchable index of organic compounds, recent notable... More
  • Colby College Organic Chemistry Simulations
    These are a series of shock wave animations covering various aspects of mechanism and structure in organic chemistry.
  • VR Molecules
    VR Molecules (Simulation)
    Using this software one can choose from among 24 molecules to study vibrational and rotational motions.
  • 3DMolSym
    3DMolSym (Simulation)
    Symmetry properties of molecules can be studied in a 3D environment using this software.