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Health Science Education

Information for Health Science Education, Medical Therapeutics, EMS, and Anatomy and Physiology courses at the high school level.


Collection Content

  • Outbreak at Watersedge- A Public Health discovery game.
    Public Health and Safety Simulation
  • Improving Understanding and Collaboration among First Responders
    Cultural differences and training of First Responders in EMS and other Emergency Response Services.
  • Parts of Gingiva Anatomic Parts
    This antimation is an animation-tutorial for Dental career lessons in which the anatomy of the gingiva is discussed.
  • Physical Therapist's Assistant Career Interview
    Video of a Day in the life of a Physical Therapy Assistant. This can be used in career exploration for Medical... More
  • What are Pressure Ulcers or Bed Sores?
    This video has graphic pictures of decubitus ulcers on real people. They vividly show interruptions in the Integumentary... More
  • The Auscultation Assistant
    This animation gives students the opportunity to hear real heart and breath sounds while learning re: the anatomy and... More