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University of Michigan Medical School M2 Neurosciences

This course sequence teaches the pathophysiology of common diseases of the nervous system (including visual, auditory, and vestibular systems), and the general principles underlying diagnosis and management. The specific goals are:

To review clinically relevant neuroanatomy and neurophysiology.To learn a systematic approach to the localization of neurologic lesions.To learn a systematic approach for determining the likely general category of disease process responsible for a patient’s symptoms and signs, based primarily on localization and time course.To learn about some common symptom complexes and diseases of the nervous system, (including visual, auditory, and vestibular systems) with respect to clinical features, pathology, pathophysiology, approach to diagnosis, and approach to management.

Sequence Directors:
Douglas J. Gelb, Ph.D., M.D.
Shahzad Mian, M.D.
H. Alexander Arts, M.D.

dScribe: Tau Zhu

Publication of this sequence is still in progress. Please check back regularly to see if new content has been posted.