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PubPol 688/SI 519 - Intellectual Property and Information Law

Explores related and sometimes competing legal and policy frameworks for the development and dissemination of ideas and expression in the Information Age. The ways in which principles of free speech and expression compare and contrast with intellectual property rights are explored in relation to the advancement of knowledge and innovation, with particular focus on the impact of the Internet and new technology. The impact of other legal considerations and values on the development and dissemination of ideas and information (such as security, privacy, local control vs. national and international considerations, competition, and the protection of minors) are also examined. The course draws upon the contexts of education, business, and government.

Instructor: Bryce Pilz, J.D.

dScribe: Kathleen Ludewig

Course Level: Graduate

Course Structure: Three hour class - once a week

Study Group: Open Study (requires free registration)

Notes: This course was featured in a 2009 Boston Globe article about great open courses! Read the article (see the top of page 2). 


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