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SI 657 / 757 - Information Technology and Global Development

This course will provide an intensive introduction to the field of information technology and global development, in its historical, policy, and design dimensions. Part One offers a comprehensive overview of key historical and contemporary debates, problems, and issues in international development. Part Two explores crucial information policy issues in developing country contexts, ranging from technology transfer, research and innovation systems, and intellectual property to telecommunications, wireless, and other critical infrastructure development. Part Three explores the growing ICT4D project literature, with special reference to programs and applications in the health, education, finance, governance, agriculture, and rural development sectors. Through readings, discussions, and course assignments, students will gain critical research and professional skills in the analysis and design of information policies, programs, and projects in a range of developing country settings. Through geographically focused project and discussion groups, students will also develop specific regional or country-level knowledge and experience.

Instructor: Steven J. Jackson

dScribe: Gabe Krieshok

Course Level: Masters, Ph.D.

Course Structure: 3-hour class, once a week


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