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SI 680 - Contracting and Signaling

Course prepares you to advise clients or your own organization on the design of contracts and screening policies when one of the parties has an information advantage over the other. For example, students study the design of patent licenses (the licensor knows more about the market), the design of social systems to reduce spam (the spam sender knows more about the content before the recipient decides whether to read), and the design of performance contracts for professional services (e.g., consultants, contract programmers, etc., when the contractor knows more than the employer about her level of effort). This course follows SI 646.

Prerequisite(s): SI 562 & 563 or equivalent course in intermediate microeconomics

Instructor: Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason

dScribe: Kathleen Ludewig

Course Level: Graduate

Course Structure: 3 hour class once a week for 7 weeks


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