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French Video and Multimedia

Videos from around the francophone web. Wonderful teaching tools. Reach all learning styles!

Collection Content

  • Canal-U: Web TV des universités françaises
    Web television programs all in French at a very advanced level. Appropriate for grad students and research.
  • Canapé
    Canapé (Presentation)
    30 minute videos useful for cinema and civilization courses.
  • INA Médiathèque
    INA Médiathèque (Learning Object Repository)
    INA médiathèque has archives of audio and video in a wide variety of subject areas.
  • Objectif Animation: Canadian short films in French
    Le chandail de hockey and many other nice short films for Canada units.
  • Magazine Espace francophone
    If you teach la Francophonie, you need this site!! Videos with Joseph Zobel, Jacques Brel, Dakar, St. Louis, La... More
  • Histoire de l'immigration en France
    a film on the history of immigration in France.A must for discussions on diversity.
  • ONISEP: Vidéos
    ONISEP: Vidéos (Collection)
    Videos to help job seekers decide on future profession. Use this with the Dico des métiers.
  • Archives Pour Tous
    Archives Pour Tous (Learning Object Repository)
  • Afrique 50 ans d'indépendance
    Les pays africains francophones