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ECO-201-Principles of macroeconomics

Materials for macroeconomics

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  • Online Teaching Material in Economics
    Sources - mostly from the UK A categorised and frequently updated database of links to hundreds of online tutorials,... More
  • Economic Growth and Scarcity
    Week 1: Scarcity and Choices - ECO-201 and 202 These lesson plans were developed by the Foundation for Teaching... More
  • Specialization & Comparative Advantage
    Animated Comparative Advantage - ECO-201 Four Flash animations of graphical analysis on specialization and comparative... More
  • Money and Inflation
    Money and Inflation (Presentation)
    Inflation - ECO-201 These lesson plans were developed by the Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE) which was... More
  • Great Economists and their Times
    Great Economists and their Times (Reference Material)
    Timeline for famous economists.
  • The Basics of Foreign Trade and Exchange
    Comparative Advantage - ECO-201 This 55 page publication by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is a primer of the... More
  • Econo-History
    Econo-History (Tutorial)
    Economic History of Thought - ECO-201 This brief tutorial provides a general history of economics, describing the work... More
  • Fed 101
    Fed 101 (Tutorial)
    Interactive Fed "Missions" - ECO-201 This is an interactive site about the Federal Reserve Bank and its function. It... More
  • On Reserve:  A Resource for Economic Educators
    Many pages of teaching skills by Fed - ECO-110 This is a resource that explores economic or consumer education topics,... More