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Reading authentic materials in Spanish

A collection of websites that link to authentic reading material in Spanish, such as books, texts, articles, newspapers, opinion forums, among others.


Collection Content

  • Lecturas paso a paso
    Lecturas paso a paso (Collection)
    A website that includes a collection of funny and attractive reading materials to learn and practice Spanish.
  • Periódicos hispanos
    A list of links to newspaper websites from Spanish speaking countries that can be used as authentic reading material in... More
  • La Juventud Opina
    La Juventud Opina (Tutorial)
    A public forum in Spanish with opinions from young people around the world about different topics of interest.
  • Centro Virtual Cervantes
    The Centro Virtual Cervantes includes different articles and forums in topics such as learning, literature, language,... More
  • Colibrí
    Colibrí (Collection)
    In Biblioteca Digital, you will find youth literature, short stories and educational texts in Spanish.
  • Los Cuentos de mi Tia Panchita