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Educational Technology Resources

Technology Resources for K-12 Educators.


Collection Content

  • Cultural Diversity Webquest
    Webquest created with Google Sites.
  • Create Your Own Comics Online
    Includes sample lesson plans. One review by a classroom teacher. 
  • Learning with Webquests
    Learning with Webquests (Online Course)
    Illustrates how Camtasia can be used to create a tutorial that includes a quiz. Excellent way to make sure students... More
  • Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
    Amazing samples that can be integrated into various web-based lessons and activities.
  • Writing Educational Goals and Objectives
    Useful tool for reviewing how to write objectives.
  • The Paper Project
    The Paper Project (Tutorial)
    Excellent example of effective web design.
  • Newseum
    Newseum (Collection)
    The online collection of front pages is at this address:
  • Creating Open Educational Resources
    Useful unit that explains how to use and create Open Educational Resources.