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Assignment 4 " Methods of Teaching Science "

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  • Construction of the Cell Membrane
    This is a great website, it shows step-by-step animations, and quizzes. I will use it to teach the students the... More
  • How enzymes work
    How enzymes work (Animation)
    This is a great narrated video; it shows step-by-step animation of enzymes and its substrate .I will use it to show the... More
  • The Biology Project: Cell Biology
    This is a great web and good source of information because it covers multiple biology lessons such as (cell biology,... More
  • Cells Alive!
    Cells Alive! (Animation)
    The site presents step-by-step animated video on many topics such as cell division (meiosis and mitosis). It can be good... More
  • Biological animations and tutorials
    This is a great website, it provides narrated video, and quizzes on multiple biology topics such as (Electron transport,... More