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Twitter Resources

A collection of resources to help instructors learn more about Twitter.


Collection Content

  • Twitter in Plain English
    Twitter in Plain English video. Explains Twitter basics.
  • The Complete Guide to Twitter Hashtags for Education
    This website explains Twitter hashtags and also provides a list of popular hashtags related to education.
  • Twitter basics - Technical glossary
    Twitter basics - Technical glossary (Workshop and Training Material)
    Technical Glossary video about the basics of Twitter.
  • Twitter Projects for the College Classroom
    This resource links to page titled '25 Twitter Projects for the College Classroom'.
  • Twitter Engagement
    Twitter Engagement (Assignment)
    A short extra-credit assignment using Twitter in the college classroom.
  • Implementing Live Twitter Chat Discussion Sessions
    "This document describes a wide variety of ways that Twitter can be used in the college classroom. "Since June 2011,... More