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Spanish and Latin American Literature


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  • The Cervantes Project
    The Cervantes Project (Reference Material)
    This site is indeed a tribute to Cervantes!
  • Antologia del Ensayo Ibero e Iberoamericano
  • Grandes escritores
    Grandes escritores (Collection)
  • Voces y letras hispánicas
  • Pablo Neruda
    Pablo Neruda (Collection)
    I have found many poems suitable for beginning and intermediate levels. I will use a "a self-portrait poem on his life... More
  • Poesía en español
    Poesía en español (Collection)
  • En un lugar de la red
    En un lugar de la red (Animation)
    This site is quite interactive and will promote much motivation in learning about Cervantes, the Quixote, and the... More
  • El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha
    The two volumes of the novel, Don Quixote, can be read on the internet. The year, 2005, marks the 400 anniversary of the... More
  • Biblioteca Quijotesca
    Biblioteca Quijotesca (Collection)
    A wonderful site to read about what other famous philosophers, thinkers, and writers had to say about Cervantes, Don... More
  • Palabra Virtual: Antología de poesía hispanoamericana
    This site is marvelous for including images of poets, audio clips of famous poems read by their authors or other famous... More
  • Cabalgando con Don Quixote
    This site provides a very rich collection of images, video and audio to include when reading the Quixote. The audio and... More