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  • (Reference Material)
    A comprehensive site worth visiting.
  • BBC World Service Spanish
    A comprehensive offering of the major news offering throughout the Spanish-speaking countries.
  • The White House: In Spanish
    The site offers President's weekly radio speeches. Most include the written script with the audio file.
  • Cámaras Web en Santiago de Compostela
  • (Collection)
    A television news service.
  • ¡Hola!
    ¡Hola! (Presentation)
    Spain's popular online magazine similar to the USA's "People Magazine."
  • Contacto Magazine
    Contacto Magazine (Simulation)
    Latin American news.
  • BBC Mundo
    BBC Mundo (Presentation)
  • Radio Bilingüe
    Radio Bilingüe (Collection)
    A good SHS source
  • Latino USA
    Latino USA (Presentation)
  • Terra
    Terra (Collection)
  • Voice of America
    Voice of America (Collection)
  • Today's Front Pages
    Today's Front Pages (Collection)
    This is an excellent source of current reading materials on factual information.
  • The Mixxer, language exchanges via Skype
    This is an excellent avenue to connect individuals learning a second language. The language exchange is ideal because it... More
  • el  archivos de videos
    A good site for listening and viewing factual information on Spain- news. Site includes archive of video clips from... More
  • The Internet Public Library - Online Newspapers
    The site provides a variety of news from the spanish-speaking countries.
  • Nuevos Horizontes
    Nuevos Horizontes (Collection)
    A great site to develop listening skills. The site includes a whole repository of health and cultural topics that have... More
  • SBS Spanish Radio
    SBS Spanish Radio (Collection)
    A good source for developing listening skills. This site is for intermediate Hi and Advanced lkistening proficiency.
  • radio-locator
    radio-locator (Collection)
    An excellent source to locate radio stations anywhere in the world.