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French Listening Comprehension

A collection of sites that feature listening activities in French.Effective for verbal learners. Good for pronunciation practice.

Collection Content

  • Encyclopédie Sonore
    Encyclopédie Sonore (Presentation)
    This site allows users to listen to University lectures on a wide variety of topics. Advanced French proficiency needed.... More
  • rfi:Radio France Internationale: La langue française
    An effective listening activity, the French news is read at a slower pace than normal. There are transcripts and a... More
  • La Guinguette
    La Guinguette (Tutorial)
    An online magazine in French with news articles in RealAudio. Transcriptions and sound files combine for effective... More
  • Voix d'Auteurs
    Voix d'Auteurs (Collection)
    A site containing the voices of famous French-speaking Belgian authors. Extracts by Marguerite Yourcenar, the first... More
  • Les Orientaux de la chanson
    Great for Middle Eastern music from Francophone areas.
  • Arteradio
    Arteradio (Collection)
    Arteradio has short audio-clips: news features, interviews, poetry, music and other audio samples that can be profitably... More
  • BBC - Languages French
    BBC - Languages French (Collection)
    Intermediate level audio magazine
  • Vive Voix
    Vive Voix (Collection)
    Poems by famous french poets read by native speakers.
  • Ashcombe: French Video Resources
    Video interviews on a wide variety of topics. Great to promote cultural awareness and to practice dictation, vocabulary... More
  • (Collection)
    Great works of literature in French
  • Exercices de français pour étrangers: vocabulaire, grammaire, exercices d'écoute...
    Five star peer review. Listening
  • Les accents de France
    Les accents de France (Presentation)
    Good for accent correction
  • Learn French by podcast
    Learn French by podcast (Drill and Practice)
    Good for listening in 202