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  • Basic Financial Statements
    This is a series of "lectures" that describe the concept of double entry accounting, the balance sheet and the income... More
  • Financial Accounting Jeopardy Games
    Financial Accounting Jeopardy Games (MS Powerpoint Slides)
  • The Time Value of Money
    A Power Point presentation on The Time Value of Money. The interactive teaching tool covers basic financial concepts,... More
  • Annuities: Ordinary? Due? What do I do?
    Tutorial (with quiz) to help you better identify, understand, and calculate future and present values of both ordinary... More
  • Accounting: Introduction to the Main Financial Ratios
    The use of ratio analysis in each of the five main areas of financial accounting including Profitability Analysis,... More
  • Introduction to the Balance Sheet
    This tutorial is an introduction to the balance sheet with examples provided (in pounds, but can be easily viewed as... More
  • Electronic Flashcards
    Electronic Flashcards to provide review and reinforcement to students studying intermediate accounting
  • The Business Game
    The Business Game (Simulation)
    Make decisions to maximize the profits of this simulated company in three periods.
  • Duncan Williamson: taking accountancy to the world!
    A major resource for accountants, teachers, students and non financial managers alike. Almost 300 pages of accounting,... More
  • Uniform CPA Exam Tutorial
    The purpose of this tutorial is to allow candidates to review the new CPA exam's format, navigation functions, and... More
  • Sweet Treats Corp:  A Class Simulation
    This Excel workbook accompanies a very simple business that can be physically formed in an introductory accounting... More
  • Financial Ratios Calculator
    This calculator allows the user to input a number of variables such as current and long term assets, sales, cost of... More
  • Cash Flow Calculator
    Cash Flow Calculator (Simulation)
    This cash flow calculator allows the user to input values for cash generated and used for Operations, Investment and... More
  • Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Overview
    Financial Accounting Standards Board review of Web site materials
  • Tax and Accounting Sites Directory
    Tax and Accounting Sites Directory (Reference Material)
    Tax and Accounting Sites Directory is a comprehensive index of web-based tax and accounting resources. The directory is... More