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French Grammar

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Collection Content

  • Connectigramme
    Connectigramme (Reference Material)
    Charts on individual grammar topics and related external links. Great for the sequential learner.
  • Canal Rêve: Les Temps Ludiques
    Canal Rêve: Les Temps Ludiques (Drill and Practice)
    Play alone or with a partner. Verb conjugation game.
  • ¡Conjuguemos!
    ¡Conjuguemos! (Drill and Practice)
    French version provides conjugation practice in all tenses. Timed or untimed.Great for the sequential learner.
  • Grammaire BEPP
    Grammaire BEPP (Simulation)
    Click guide to access charts and diagrams for the visual learner.
  • La Conjugaison Francaise
    La Conjugaison Francaise (Drill and Practice)
    Great for quick reference.
  • Jaser 2
    Jaser 2 (Quiz/Test)
    great self correcting quizzes
  • Le Point du FLE
    Le Point du FLE (Collection)
    Excellent links to all topics
  • Ortholud: Exercices Online de Français
    Conjugation, grammar and vocabulary exercises
  • Tintin Blog
    Tintin Blog (Animation)
  • Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL)
    Francais interactif