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Poetry and Mysticism

In this personal collection, I have attempted to gather several websites which demonstrate the ongoing relationship between poetry, art, science, world religions, and philosophy in an attempt to create an environment for a holistic approach to the Humanities and the history of higher learning.

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  • The Alchemy Website
    The Alchemy Website (Reference Material)
    Poetry and Mysticism: A Personal Collection by Joseph V. Milford: A... More
  • Symbolic Logic
    Symbolic Logic (Presentation)
    An excellent website for exploring logical systems for creating hypotheses, dialectics, and problem solving methods. A... More
  • The Internet Sacred Text Archive
    The Internet Sacred Text Archive (Reference Material)
    Probably the most extensive single site on the Internet for sacred texts from all sorts of religions, including not only... More
    What would a library of ancient and Classical resources be without a good Latin to English translator?
  • The Ovid Project
    The Ovid Project (Collection)
    Bauer's 18th century renderings, engravings, and images of Ovid's outstanding classic--these images have been... More