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  • Jeu de l'oie
    Jeu de l'oie (Drill and Practice)
    I think that this game is an excellent way for students to learn, review, and retain many types of structures taught in... More
    POLARFLE (Simulation)
    This is an excellent resource for students because it encompasses all elements necessary for teaching the language. It... More
  • La Fontaine
    La Fontaine (Reference Material)
    This is an excellent resource for any teacher who enjoys the fables of LaFontaine. In my classes, I usually have... More
  • Voyage Virtuel
    Voyage Virtuel (Reference Material)
    This is a super collection of any photo of virtually anything found in France!! This site lets you choose any city in... More
  • Civilisation Française
    Civilisation Française (Presentation)
    This is a great collection of all types of categories of French life. It includes topics such as homes, food and... More
  • Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links
    This website is incredible!! It is a website of only links to other websites relating to anything French. It is divided... More
  • Phonétique FLE
    Phonétique FLE (Tutorial)
    This is a great tutorial for all students to help in the difficult task of pronunciation of the French language. I... More
  • Monum: Centre des monuments nationaux
    This website has almost any monument you can imagine in France in incredible detail. Once you type in a monument ( or a... More