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General Technology Information

Various technology information of use to AIS professors and students alike is contained here

Collection Content

  • Google ~Guide
    Google ~Guide (Tutorial)
    Resources to help with google use
  • E-Commerce Guide - Webopedia: Online Dictionary for Computer and Internet terms
    General Technology Information in the form of a searchable glossary
  • Project Management Tutorial
    I almost put this in my Accounting Systems Design category, because of the project management tutorial. However, I got... More
  • Hobbes' Internet Timeline v5.4
    Hobbes' Internet Timeline v5.4 (Reference Material)
    This timeline of the internet is helpful to those interested in the history of this infrastructure.
  • The Animated Internet
    The Animated Internet (Animation)
    The animations included here about how the web works, how the internet works, and encryption are cute. Check out search... More
  • High Tech Dictionary
    High Tech Dictionary (Reference Material)
    This dictionary will allow you to search on technology terms.
  • Data Flow on the Internet
    Fun and fast learning