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ENC 0020 Basic Writing II

Links and Interactive Sites for BWII.

Collection Content

  • WritingDEN
    WritingDEN (Tutorial)
    Tips for Sentences, Paragraphs, and Essays. Added to Navigation Bar in WebCT
  • HyperGrammar
    HyperGrammar (Tutorial)
    Informational Site about Grammar
  • Death and Burial in Egypt
    Death and Burial in Egypt (Presentation)
    Could use this as an interesting lesson/project.
  • Zen Garden
    Zen Garden (Collection)
    Site with numerous pics of Zen Gardens. Could Use this as a Descriptive Writing project.
  • The Lizzie Borden Murder Case Study
    Project possibliities.
  • Writer's Web
    Writer's Web (Reference Material)
    Some Interactive links. Need to break down under categories and add to resources links in WebCT
  • Art of Writing
    Art of Writing (Tutorial)
    Project Potential