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Teaching, Education, Professional Development for Teachers

This collection will house multiple sites, links, presentations, and useful materials for being a better teacher and for creating better learning objectives and goals.

Collection Content

  • Helpful Hundred
    Helpful Hundred (Reference Material)
    List of 100 words to devise better learning objectives and goals on syllabi and in lesson plans.
  • Suggestions for Effective Lecture
    Suggestions for Effective Lecture (Reference Material)
  • Faculty Recognition and Reward
    Faculty Recognition and Reward (Reference Material)
    Recommendations on Faculty Recognition and Reward of the The Academic Computing Advisory Committee University of... More
  • Instructional Design - Is It Any Different for CBT than for the Classroom?
    The presentation will include an introduction to and applications of the traditional instructional design model to CBT.... More
  • Center for Writing Studies
    Center for Writing Studies (Reference Material)
    Information for graduate students in a program of study involving rhetoric, composition, and other relative disciplinary... More
  • The Iris Center for Faculty Enhancement
  • Concept to Classroom
    Concept to Classroom (Presentation)
    Concept to Classroom provides a series of free, online, professional development workshops geared at teaching strategies... More