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ICLAT 392: Literature of the Late Republic

Resources for the Advanced Latin ICC, ICLAT391: Literature of the Late Republic

Collection Content

    THE LATIN LIBRARY (Collection)
    Latin texts--clean--no vocab linking or commentary
  • VROMA: A Virtual Community for Teaching and Learning Classics
    Catullus materials and image database may prove useful; also virtual tour of Rome.
  • Catullus: Fifty Two Elegant Poems
    Good for Catullus.
  • Marcus Tullius Cicero
    Marcus Tullius Cicero (Collection)
    some basic Cicero stuff with texts and links to other things
  • The Cicero Homepage
    The Cicero Homepage (Collection)
    Andrew Riggsby's Cicero site; good bibliography, texts, etc.
  • LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World
    Good site for material culture; also some texts and classic references like Topographical Dictionary of Rome
  • Forum Romanum
    Forum Romanum (Collection)
    Links to all Latin texts online--handy for finding if more obscure texts are online or not
  • The Modern Student's Guide to Catullus
    I'm not sure how well this will teach meter, but it's cool to hear the Catullus poems sung aloud.
  • Two Hundred Essential Latin Words
    could be useful for students to review
  • VRoma Catullus
    VRoma Catullus (Simulation)
    Some specific Catullus stuff from VROMA