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  • CAPL: Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon
    Autthentic, free, & up to date images. The pictures in this database may be viewed, downloaded, linked, manipulated,... More
    Better for more advanced German courses but some use for beginners. Excellent authentic & digital resources/activities... More
  • Tatsachen ueber Deutschland (Facts about Germany)
    Here's the real Tatsachen über Deutschland in several languages. N.B.: If the source is stated, it is possible to use... More
  • German Pronunciation Guide
    So so for beginners: downside is the audio on a separate page or possibly needing to be downloaded
  • (Drill and Practice)
    Good variety of vocab. Pronunciation & beginning vocab topics. Downside: some 'catching' or stopping of sound but very... More
  • - Literatur zum Hören
    Not for beginning German necessarily but handy mp3s you can download, along with text for poems, narratives, Hörspiele,... More
  • Beginner's German
    Beginner's German (Tutorial)
    Very well done self 'tutorial' site for beginning German: includes clear sound & cultural tidbits.
  • Why Learn German?
    Why Learn German? (Reference Material)
    A British point of view but probably 9 of 10 reasons hold true in US.