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IDS 109: Foundations of College Writing I

IDS 109 Foundations of College Writing is a course designed to assist in developing written communication skills to prepare students for the demands of their other classes. The focus is on the components of an essay, techniques for developing paragraphs and papers, and communicating ideas clearly for an audience.


Pedagogical Approach & Learning Outcomes

Pedagogical Approach

Constructivism/Differentiated Instruction/Inquiry Learning

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, successful students will be able to:

  • identify common elements of essays in their own and other's writing
  • use the steps in the writing process to develop and organize their ideas
  • write well-organized paragraphs and essays to response to questions about a text or topic
  • write paragraphs and essays using description, narration, and examples
  • edit their writing to more clearly communicate ideas to an audience

Assessment & Other Information


Direct assessment through end of term essays

Other Information


Course Resources

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