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Course ePortfolio

Lower school PYP art lessons

A range of short art themes for the lower school children to follow that cross curriculum links with the PYP education themes.


to prepare a selection of artistic material to include within the individual childs PYP portfolio - or video/photographic evidence of the processes learnt. 

Pedagogical Approach

It is an intergrated learning course, but some sections are completly open ended, thus enabling students to explore freely. the majority however is inquiry learning where

Learning is directed by questions, problems, or challenges that students work to address.   

  • Satisfactory: Students are provided with questions/problems to solve and some direction on how to arrive at solutions.
  • Good: students, assisted by the teacher clarify the question(s) to ask and the process to follow to arrive at solutions.  Sometimes referred to as Guided Inquiry
  • Very Good: students generate the questions and assume much of the responsibility for how to solve them.  . Sometimes referred to as self-directed learning.

Learning Outcomes

A good all round basic knowelge of art, and a clear strategy for students to use when encountering new artistic experiances.


informal, and student self assesment.

Other Information