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Time is Brain-Know the Warning Signs of a Stroke

to identify warning signs of a stroke and discuss early intervention and treatment.


Acturly nursing on a stroke unit at SVBGH.

Pedagogical Approach

Understanding by Design (UbD) is using backward design to support understanding and focus learner-centered. The UbD stages includes  identify desired results, determine important evidence, and plan leanring experiences and instruction.

Learning Outcomes

Ability to recognize early signs of a stroke.

Identify risk factors and how to reduce/prevent a stroke.

Teatment for a stroke.


Diagnostic assessment is to identify prior knowledge and identify misconceptiens.

Other Information


Course Resources

  • Online resources
    Online resources (External link)
  • know your neuro
    Stroke is the third leading casude of death and serious , long-term disability in the United States. Stroke can occur at... More