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Managing Teaching Environments

This course is one of the professional core courses in the School of Education and it may be used to partially satisfy the State Teacher Certification requirements in General Methods. The course will include the presentation of generic teaching competencies to students via classroom interactions, assigned readings, contributions and to a web-based discussion board.


There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Pedagogical Approach

This course is designed to be facilitated either fully online or through a blended modality. It can be easily converted to a face to face course by making resources available to students during class time. 

Learning Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Identify assessment requirements for teacher licensure/certification
  • Develop appropriate objectives for a lesson including appropriate coding to the Common Core Standards
  • Create informational objectives representing cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains
  • Describe diverse learning styles and individual intelligences and use such knowledge to create a lesson plan that differentiates instruction
  • Design instructional objectives using Bloom’s taxonomy.
  • Recognize theories of learning and learning styles as applied to instructional planning and appropriate teacher behaviors.
  • Examine verbal and nonverbal communication samples and evaluate the implications of each
  • Discuss the importance of modifying and adapting instruction, materials, content, student projects and products and assessment to meet individual learning needs
  • Research current events in education to increase understanding and knowledge of educational trends and the ability to think critically
  • Demonstrate the ability to implement the use of graphic organizers within a lesson of choice and explain the importance of visual learning components


This course is designed to encourage active learner engagemnet and participation. Therefore, each module will conclude with at least one assignment asking to students to reflect and apply acquired knowlege. For a list of assignments per module, access this google link


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