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EDT 523 - Issues in Online and Distance Education

Issues in Online and Distance Education. Course will introduce teachers and administrators in K-12 and higher education settings, and trainers in profit and non-profit organizations about distant learners or managing distance education systems. We will explore together the theoretical framework, historical development, and practical applications of the distance education movements in a variety of contexts.


Pedagogical Approach

online course

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the history of distance education both in the USA and other countries as well as current issues and trends that influence distance education in practice today.
  • Describe and analyze issues in research on distance education.
  • Explore current technologies used in distance education and evaluate their appropriateness in given contexts.
  • Integrate theories of instructional design and learning theories into the design and development of learning events for distance education.
  • Participate in the development of a supportive online learning community.
  • Demonstrate a professional, graduate level of competency in written and verbal communications.


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Other Information