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Human Anatomy

Introductory human anatomy course.


Introductory Biology

Pedagogical Approach

Holistic Androgogy.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe major structures of body systems:
    1. Integumentary System
    2. Skeletal System
    3. Skeletal Muscle System
    4. Nervous System
    5. Endocrine System
    6. Immune System
    7. Cardiovascular System
    8. Respiratory System
    9. Urinary System
    10. Digestive System
    11. Reproductive System
  2. Describe and identify sectional human anatomy using figures, models and cadaveric specimens.
  3. Relate structure and function within and between body systems.
  4. Correlate normal anatomy to pathology, injury, and disease.


Practical and conceptual assessment by sectional quizzes and summative examination. 

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