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Child Development

This course is designed to provide students with an Intensive study of child growth and development from conception to age six with emphasis on physical, cognitive, and social development.  Requirements for the class include Twenty-five hours of field observations and class participation.


There are no prerequisites for FCSC 375.

Pedagogical Approach

This course uses a fully online format to guide you through the learning experience of this course. We will use these strategies:

Presentation of Materials Student Interaction Assessment •         Textbook Readings •         PowerPoint presentations •         Scholarly Articles •         Web Resources •         Video Recordings •         Podcasts •         Programmed Lessons •         Simulations •         Case Studies •         Practicum Experience •         Discussion Forums •         Pair & Share •         Small Group •         Virtual Classroom Sessions •         Chat •         Social Media •         Peer Evaluation •         Field Work •         Community Engagement •         Email •         Student Developed Wiki •         Blog •         Written Assignments •         Projects •         Rubrics •         Checklists •         Quizzes •         Tests •         Self-Assessments •         Reaction Papers •         Media Papers •         Book Reviews •         Quizzes •         Proctored Exams

Learning Outcomes

1. Students will demonstrate foundation knowledge and skills in child development.

2. Students will demonstrate the ability to engage in research aimed at improving the quality of life for children and families.

3. Students will demonstrate leadership ability in child development.


Moodle and LiveText will be used for students assessment methods.

Other Information