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Physical Fittness Assessment

WELCOME TO PHED 100:02 Physical Fitness Assessment. Physical fitness is ubiquitous in our daily lives and is essential for achieving the holy grail of “Living a healthy lifestyle”. The Physical Fitness course demonstrates how physical fitness helps students live healthy physically fit lives.


Pedagogical Approach

G. Method of Delivery: This course is both in class and via online through MOODLE.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the learner will be able to:
● Summarize fundamental concepts most important for the practical analysis of management decisions and the dynamic nature of decision-making.
● Predict and evaluate uncertainty explicitly.
● Explain historical data and limited information effectively.
● Outline spreadsheet models.
● Examine allocated resources for management decisions.
● Describe complex systems.
● Apply tools that are required for successful management decisions
● Develop understanding of the values, principles, standards,
and codes public servants use to make decisions.
● Demonstrate an understanding of the essential components
of decision processes.
● Apply theories, tools, and techniques of decision methods.



• Written Assignments
• Projects
• Rubrics
• Checklists
• Quizzes
• Tests
• Self-Assessments
• Reaction Papers
• Media Papers
• Book Reviews
• Quizzes
• Proctored Exams

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