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7th Grade Science

Students will develop a basic understanding of the nature, structure, and properties of energy and matter. They will observe energy transfer between objects and between different parts of the biosphere. This observation serves as evidence that energy transfer within the universe is a continual process of change occurring throughout all physical systems (biological, chemical, and geological).


Completion of 6th grade science

Pedagogical Approach

Students learn best by doing. By providing structure and opportunity for students to engage in the learning process by doing science, they will more authentically understand the learning targets of the curriculum and be able to apply them to other situations in their academic and personal lives. 

Learning Outcomes

• How does energy change?
• How can real-world issues be solved using science?
• How does the universe change?
• What is the make-up and behavior of the natural world?
• How are scientific tools, technology and mathematics used to observe and understand the natural world?
• How are scientific theories developed? ·


Students will participate in formative and summative assessments in a variety of ways. Some will be project based, others performance based.

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