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Speech 101 Oral Communication

Training in clear and effective public speaking, including impromptu and extemporaneous styles. Students prepare and deliver engaging, audience-centered presentations. Emphasis on interpersonal communication as a building block to communicating publicly.


ENGL 100B w/B- or higher (if required)

Pedagogical Approach

Student-centered, experiential, and applied learning focused.

Learning Outcomes

To better understand why aspects of communication relating to interpersonal, nonverbal, group, public speaking, and mass communication matter in every aspect of our lives and how it can contribute to our own self-exploration, life/career goals, and character development; To prepare and deliver effective presentations in a variety of scenarios and situations using awareness of rhetorical skills, language, nonverbal cues, and culture.


Exams; brief reflection papers; in-class presentations, and activities.

Other Information