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SOCI 1101-01: Introduction to Sociology - copy

Students survey sociology as a discipine, examinng such topics as sociological theory and methods and selected substantive areas. Students gain understanding of the methods used for studying society. They learn to relate social theories to observable social behavior. 


Textbook: James M. Hensli, Essentails of Sociology, 8th Edition, Pearson: Allyn & Bacon, 2009

Pedagogical Approach

The professor goes over the topic of the day and goes into detail of each subject he writes down on the board and gives entertaining examples and relatable examples as well. The professor makes sure we understand before we leae the classroom. 

Learning Outcomes

Use the sociological perspetive or imagination to interpret the real world. 

Understand and critically discuss the threee major theoretical perspecties, conflict theory, and fuctionalism. 

Define social diversity in a global context. 


The grading distrubtion is based on the standard scale as distributed below:

All chapters Tests 50%

1 Final examination 50%

Other Information

In guided class interactions, the students will relate their readings to the social, psychological nd cultral determinats of behavior.