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MPH 6905: Summer Applied Field Placement *602*

MPH 6905 is a 240-hour field placement internship that will provide you with the experience and the opportunity that you will need to integrate and demonstrate the application of academic knowledge with learned public health core competencies in professional practice settings through exposure to one or more core functions of essential public health services.  MPH 6905 is a two credit hour course.  No text is required.   


MPH 6904: Spring Intro to Field Placement - Completion of MPH 6904   

Pedagogical Approach

Field Placement Practicum

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe a public health problem in terms of magnitude, person, time, and place  
  • Describe the role of social and community factors in both the onset and solution of public health problems  
  • Identify the basic theories, concepts, and models from a range of social and behavioral disciplines that are used in public health research and practice  
  • Develop cogent and persuasive written materials regarding public health topics  
  • Deliver oral presentations using recognized criteria for effective information dissemination  


10%   Scheduling, Communication & Time Log  
15%   Mid-term evaluation  
20%   Final Presentation  
20%   Final evaluation  
15%   Discussion Board  
20%   Portfolio 

Other Information