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Marlene Inyang: ETEC 523 Information and Digital Literacies

Information and digital literacies; principles and theories for intergrating technologies into learning environment to improve planning, designing and implementing learning experiences; issues of technology planning, collaboration, and assessment, and digital citizenship. Course meets Level II Technology Standards.


Master of Nursing and a Master in Public Health

Pedagogical Approach



Learning Outcomes

SLO #1: Apply knowledge of multicultural, ethical & legal issues pertaining to using ICT with the global community.
SLO #2: Synthesize leadership principles within the practice of information and educational technology. For example, collaborate with educational partners to support student learning.
SLO #3: Apply instructional design principles to design and develop educational materials.
SLO #4: Integrate theoretical perspectives to review, interpret, and apply research in learning technology.
SLO #5: Demonstrate effective written, electronic, and oral communications that reflect critical thinking and information literacy.
SLO #6: Locate, assess, and apply online resources to create learning experiences.
SLO #7: Promote reading for learning, personal growth and enjoyment. N/A
SLO #8: Organize collections according to standard library cataloging and classification principles. N/A


Model 1-9

Other Information