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ENGL 2328_American Literature II - copy

A survey of American literature from the Civil War to the present. Students will study works of prose, poetry, drama, and fiction in relation to their historical and cultural contexts. Texts will be selected from among a diverse group of authors for what they reflect and reveal about the evolving American experience and character.


This course fulfills the Language, Philosophy, and Culture foundational component area of the core, and addresses the following required objectives: Critical Thinking, Communication, Social Responsibility, and Personal Responsibility.


ENGL 1302

Pedagogical Approach

Types of Assignments: §  Discussion Board Posts: Students will need to post his or her own original post regarding the assigned topic.  Students will also need to follow instructions and supply thoughtful responses to other students’ posts each week.  Each posting will be worth 10 points. §  Quizzes:  Students will complete quizzes over readings assigned for that week.  Quizzes will be posted online.  They will cover the readings.  Quizzes will be timed.  Each quiz will be worth 10 points. §  Writing Assignments: During the semester, I will assign four written responses to the literature. This will require a submission of several paragraphs, sort of like a mini-essay.  Each writing assignment will be worth 25 points and will be submitted to to check for plagiarism. §  Essays: All essays REQUIRE OUTSIDE SOURCES. Any essay turned in without the required sources, in text citations or works cited page will receive an automatic F. All sources must come from the library databases.  Other outside sources may be approved by showing them to me in advance.  Each essay will receive an initial grade and will turned back to you with comments.  There will be no opportunity to revise essays that receive a low grade. §  Exams:  Students will complete two exams over the readings and concepts discussed in class.  Exams will be posted online.  Students who require special testing environments, as required by DSS, must inform the professor of these requirements in advance.

Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Identify key ideas, representative authors and works, significant historical or cultural events, and characteristic perspectives or attitudes expressed in the literature of different periods or regions.

2. Analyze literary works as expressions of individual or communal values within the social, political, cultural, or religious contexts of different literary periods.

3. Demonstrate knowledge of the development of characteristic forms or styles of expression during different historical periods or in different regions.

4. Articulate the aesthetic principles that guide the scope and variety of works in the arts and humanities.

5. Write research-based critical papers about the assigned readings in clear and grammatically correct prose, using various critical approaches to literature.


Grade Breakdown:

Discussion Board: 80 points
Quizzes: 10 points each, 7 quizzes = 70 points
Writing Assignments: 25 points each, 4 assignments = 100 points
Essay 1: 100 points
Essay 2: 100 points
Exam 1: 100 points
Exam 2: 100 points
Total: 650 points
650-585 pts. = A; 584-520 pts. = B; 519-455 points = C; 454-390 pts. = D; 389-0 pts. = F


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