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MPH 6903 is a field placement internship that is part of the core requirements of the MPH degree. The internship will provide you with the experience and opportunity that you will need to integrate and demonstrate the application of academic knowledge with learned public health core competencies in professional practice settings through exposure to one or more core functions of essential public health services. Students are required to complete at least 240 hours with their precepting site to complete the three-hour requirements for the course. No text is required

Completion of all other MPH core coursework per concentration is required prior to enrolling in this class. If student only lacks one core class and will be completed by the end of this course, the instructor has discretion for enrollment.

Pedagogical Approach

Prior to beginning your internship, you will need to have the following in place:
1. Meet with Dr. Bell to discuss and approve your internship project and Preceptor.
2. Provide agency and preceptor information in order that we can establish a Universal Affiliation Agreement (UAA)/ECU Contract with your internship agency.
3. Submit Preceptor’s CV via Blackboard under the Assignments tab.
4. Submit Acknowledgement Form via Blackboard under the Assignments tab.
5. Submit Proposal via Blackboard under the Assignments tab.
6. Per ECU regulations for internships, you need to sign the ECU Student Employee Confidentiality Agreement. To do so, log-in to If you do not see the link for the ECU Student Employee Confidentiality Agreement when you log-in to Blackboard, contact and provide them with BannerID and user ID

Learning Outcomes

Students will select at least five competencies to achieve during their internship, three of which must be five foundational competencies as defined by the 2016 criteria of the Council for.
Education in Public Health (CEPH) and two concentration competencies. These competencies are available in the Proposal PowerPoint as well as the Field Manual.


Your internship grade will be assessed based on the following point system:
10% Proposal
15% Scheduling, Directions & Time Log
10% Discussion Board
15% Mid-term evaluation
15% Final presentation
15% Final Evaluation
20% Portfolio

Other Information