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You, Social Media and Your Kids - Facebook

This course is so designed to help parents to be better digital guides in this age of technology. It's not about just providing their children with the technology for educational and entertainment purposes, but it is so designed to help them to understand what it means to be a good digital citizen. It is hoped that parents will be able to help their children to understand their rights and responsibility as a digital citizen as it relates specifically to social media.  For Unit 1, we will be focusing on Facebook and how to help your children to use this social media platform responsibly.


There are no specific prerequisites: just be a parent! Or you could be simply just curious about how to parent in this digital age and guide children in using Facebook.

Pedagogical Approach

The idea is to present resources already created to assist you in understanding the social media platform and how you can guide your children in using them responsibly.  Various types of media will be used (inclusive of images and videos and even articles and preexisting courses) and this will guide your understanding. So, just delve into the resources at your own time and leisure. 

In addition, note how you will start from the basic or general information about digital citizenship and then delve deeper into the specifics of knowing when your children are ready to use Facebook, how to guide them in its use, and external support that you can gain from other parents.

If you have other question or would like me to add other resources you find beneficial, please do not hesitate to email me at

Learning Outcomes

In accessing the resources of this OER, you will be able to:

1. Know what is its to be a digital citizen

2. Understand your role in helping ou children be good digital citizens on Facebook

3. Examine ways to help your child through the use of Facebook safely


Since parenting is not a "one fits all" role, this course will not be assessed - you do your assessment of your role as a parent. The aim is to ensure that you are able to accurately guide your children in using Facebook safely and/or responsibly.

Other Information

Some of the resources presented are also bookmarked from Merlot itself.  However, resources (from various websites) are compiled for the specific topic.

Course Resources

  • Digital Citizenship
    Digital Citizenship (Open (Access) Journal-Article)
  • Be Internet Awesome
    Be Internet Awesome (Online Course Module)
    Almost like a course within a course. You will be able to explore other resources presented by a pre-existing course.... More
  • Internet Safety: How to Keep Kids and Teens Safe Online -
    Link to the article "A Guide to Internet Safety: How to Keep Kids and Teens Safe Online." Happy reading!
  • Parenting tips on the use of  information technology
    Watch this very useful video to guide you in understanding what may or may not work in guiding your child with the use... More
  • Is My Child Ready For Facebook? How You'll Know It's The Right Time
    Fabulous article. Make note of the images used on the page. Reflect if your child is ready for the use of Facebook.
  • Parenting Tips provided by Facebook
    This link brings you to understanding how Facebook itself provides guidance for parents. Read through the tips, see the... More
  • How To Get Kids To Use Facebook Responsibly
    A fun article with images to guide you.
  • Parenting in a Tech World
    This is a Facebook group that you could join. If you don't think just reading or watching videos is enough, interact... More